Jun 2

May 18 - June 2 Sarah Jayne Kavali

May 18 - June 2

2006 Auckland University Bachelor of Visual Arts graduate, painter, digital artist and creative director will be holding an exhibition of her line work focused, garment inspired prints.

More details to be announced.

Jun 24

8 June - 24 June Kristin Hatland & John Kiely (Auckland Festival of Photography)

8 June - 24 June

Kristin Hatland, NZ & John Kiely, UK

As part of the 2017 Auckland Festival of Photography, Hatland & Kiely will be taking over the gallery and exhibiting the results of their 12 month collaborative project.  The results of this long distance photographic conversation are dark and striking, and will be well worth a view.  

Jul 14

June 29 - July 14 Dalene Meiring New Works

29 June - 14 July

Dalene Meiring, NZ

Figurative and abstract painter Dalene Meiring is well loved and it is exciting to hear that she is experimenting with new styles within her work, please join us at her exhibition to view her beautiful new work.

More details to be announced.

Aug 25

12 August - 25 August Russell Hollings

12 August - 25 August

Russell Hollings, NZ

As a figurative painter, Russell's work focuses on intense observation and application of the correct tonal values.  He is interested in the quality of the paint, creating good composition and capturing mood and atmosphere - especially to capture a moment in time.  Russell’s paintings are produced in the ‘open air’ or in his studio from drawings, sketches, small plein air work, and from memory and imagination.

Apart from working abroad in Italy, France, Australia, Bali, Fiji and Norfolk Islands he also derives immense satisfaction from working in his immediate environment.

We are thrilled to be showcasing a selection of pieces from his new and past catalogue in his exhibition.

More details to be announced.

Sep 15

2 September - 15 September Peter Hall

2 September - 15 September

Peter Hall, NZ

Peter Hall studied at the London Royal College in the 1960s at a time when traditional values and rules within art were being heavily challenged and a period at the College which was alive with groundbreaking innovation.  Hall studied alongside artists such as David Hockney and Zandra Rhodes, and a pivotal moment in the experimental time was an exhibition of Franz Kline and Jackson Pollock at the American Embassy in London.

Peter has worked in industrial design, fashion and teaching, but has always maintained a passionate need to paint and his styling and content is heavily influenced by the patterning and colouration he would he have used in his textile and design background.

More details to be announced.