George Gray

Stone Pathway to the Sea 1200 x 1800.jpg

A traditional New Zealand landscape artist, George has recently moved into the area of Representational Contemporary Maori Art Form, under tutelage of renowned artist Tim Wilson.  George Gray's work evokes a love of a perfect, idyllic and paradisiacal world.


George Gray on his work...

"As a young person art was an all-consuming thing for me. A life filled with joy and wonder, of learning new things and resolution. Yes always the need to resolve a drawing, a new work, a painting, to get it to work properly. 

I clearly remember the joy of realizing that there was this steady improvement along with constant discovery. Each work was an exponential learning curve that came in leaps and bounds. I’m still learning new and interesting things every time I take up my brushes. 

Focus and direction and understanding why I paint is important, and adds meaning to my work that has enhanced what is a natural passion for painting. Few things in life bring me as much joy and pleasure as painting. Perhaps only to be matched by the obvious joy my work can bring to others. 

The great artist Michelangelo Buonarroti once confessed “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection”. Often we are overwhelmed by the beauty of the natural world. Some say it’s a reverence for nature, a fascination and respect for its depth, its beauty and subtlety. What we see in nature is the purposeful work of the maker and designer of all things. 

I paint what I do because I am privileged to see beauty in what I behold. I paint the places I love because they personally inspire me. 

We intuitively know what is right and balanced in the natural things around us. When the eye engages that balance it feels at ease and wholly satisfied with the view. To recreate, even a shadow of the divine perfection is such a great honour."

To view the works, download the catalogue (PDF 897kb)