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verity | duplicity

emma rogan and isaac katzoff

16 - 29 september 2017


Isaac Katzoff

Isaac’s pieces have a simplistic beauty and often showcase his interest in everyday objects and items we often use but seldom pause to contemplate beyond practicality.

These items are commonplace in garages and homes, but are often maligned or invisible yet integral to our domestic routines and DIY projects.

Isaac Katzoff studied glass blowing during his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Southern Illinois University. After graduating Isaac worked for several years as an assistant glass blower before shifting to New Zealand where he continued his glass blowing education and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Art History at the University of Auckland.

Isaac now co-directs Monmouth Glass Studio with fellow glass artist Stephen Bradbourne.

Download Isaac's current exhibition catalogue

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Current Works

To view available pieces by Isaac click here or head to the Glass section of our website.

Or contact / 09 532 9022