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new works by kiya nancarrow & mo stewart

4 - 16 november 2017


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Flux is an exhibition of new paintings by Mo Stewart, accompanied by new ceramic sculptures by Kiya Nancarrow. Download the exhibition catalogue above or contact the gallery for more information. / 09 5329022

Kiya Nancarrow

The ceramic work of Kiya Nancarrow is influenced by a desire to create a flow for the viewer’s eye. The main inspiration for her work comes from the idea that energy passes through all things in a continuum of movement.  Originally this notion took Kiya’s interest when training as a Buddhist psychotherapist.  She finds that there is something reassuring in this sense of continuum, when life seems made up of beginnings, endings, stages and ages.  The flow of energy continues.

Kiya’s ceramic ‘energy loops’ are designed to sculpt a sense of energy.  Each piece is unique with its own artistic slant on the continuum of movement.  Two interlocking forms can create a dynamic energy which enhances the sense of movement, or harmony. Some forms depict the contrast between different energies, while others are about synchronicity and closeness. 

Clay is a wonderfully responsive material, with a contrary side.  Kiya enjoys creating a sense of movement and/or energy in an otherwise stolid material.  Clay is basically inert, but can be persuaded to fly!  She finds that it is not possible to totally control this process so chance plays a major role and ensures the individuality of each piece.  The coming together of partner pieces only in the last stages of creation makes sure that the final magic remains.  Each ceramic work is a one-off.