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new works by mo stewart & kiya nancarrow

4 - 16 november 2017


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Flux is an exhibition of new paintings by Mo Stewart, accompanied by new ceramic sculptures by Kiya Nancarrow. Download the exhibition catalogue above or contact the gallery for more information. / 09 5329022

Mo Stewart

Mo’s abstract paintings are characterized by her new-found liberty to convey attitude and emotion by way of gestural strokes and delicate lines.  Her works are painted intuitively with many expressive wide brush strokes in her trademark use of solid black combined with elements of drawing.  Recently she has begun experimenting with incorporating graphite powder into her works which emphasises the soft tones that began appearing in her acrylic paintings earlier this year.   

Each of Mo’s paintings is as an endeavor to find the harmonious but elusive balance between chaos and calm - the challenge lies within maintaining both painterly freedom and controlled lines but without becoming too focused on skilled pencil work.

Mo Stewart was born and raised in South Africa, she now works and lives in Auckland with her husband and two daughters.