An Artist's Journey


New Works by Russell Hollings

12 - 25 August 2017


To preview some of the works download the exhibition catalogue (PDF 2.4mb)

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Russell Hollings

Russell John Hollings spent his childhood in Papakura.  In his teens, he joined the local art group and began to explore the South Auckland landscape.  He found that area, and the Thames and Coromandel Peninsula, to be suitable subject matter for working en plein air.  At the age of nineteen, Russell won first prize in the R J Barnett Art Award.

Mainly, self-taught, Russell received invaluable tuition and guidance from Ida Eise, OBE.  She taught him about tonal values, composition and draughtsman-ship, not to mention how to actually mix and apply paint to any surface.

Russell has always admired the English school of painting by artists such as Edward Seago, Ken Howard, Fred Cuming, Bernard Dunstan and Diana Armfield.  Closer to home, Garth Tapper and John Weeks have been inspirational.

As a figurative painter, his work focuses on intense observation and application of the correct tonal values.  He is interested in the quality of the paint, creating good composition and capturing mood and atmosphere - especially to capture a moment in time.  Russell’s paintings are produced in the ‘open air’ or in his studio from drawings, sketches, small plein air work, and from memory and imagination.

Apart from working abroad in Italy, France, Australia, Bali, Fiji and Norfolk Islands he also derives immense satisfaction from working in his immediate environment.

Current Works

 Russell Hollings,  Golden Eagle , 610 x 740mm, Oil on board, available.

Russell Hollings, Golden Eagle, 610 x 740mm, Oil on board, available.