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Susan Haywood Smith's works incorporate her strong historical themes such as a series based on the Treaty of Waitangi which reflected her interest and previous studies undertaken in Social History.

Haywood Smith says of her work "on a subconscious level the subject matter of my artwork is a direct reflection of my own personal history.  This history is derived from my experience of being a Pakeha raised in South Auckland.  With no link to my own Irish/English heritage to make reference to, I embraced the wonderful rich cultures of the Maori and Pacific Islanders around me. This was reinforced by my family ties to the Te Arawa Iwi.

Today, I am still reconciling the two worlds of my British lineage alongside my experience of Maoridom, and have yet to determine the point of intersection at which I am placed.  However my art allows me to work through this dichotomy from which I hope to create powerful and moving NZ artwork."

Susan Haywood Smith's Giclee prints are original artworks specifically design to be printed using digital printing.  In order to retain a raw, painterly quality the artworks are first printed using traditional methods such as Intaglio and Relief.  The designs are then layered with out images such as original, delicate graphite drawings.  The completed Giclee artworks are rich, tactile prints that retain the essence of the printmaking mark.